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Saturday, May 7th 2011

3:29 PM

Update Two

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This week at The Seek Radio we showed a variety of different informational videos including; The Lion Sleeps No More: I am not David Icke (Part 1), The Oneness:  We are all One and Prison Planet: Endgame

 Also this  week we streamed The Alex Jones live special broadcast on the OBL hoax. Alex Jones official YouTube channel (inforwars.com)

We shared some music videos as well  including; Tool and Symphony of Science. As always with our music we are always finding something new and keeping content related to our message. Some of the artist we streamed during our broadcast this week would be; Serj Tankian, The Grouch, Linkin Park, Flobots, The Orb and Radiohead to name a few.

When we update our sites we always usually link back to our main listening page on our website, viewers are able to listen in or join the chat right from there, if there are ever any problems trying to login from that page you may have to create an account first at stickam  (and choose join) before logging in from our main site.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by this week, whether you actually joined the chat or not we appreciate you tuning in.

Links to the videos we shared this week:

The Lion Sleeps No More: I am not David Icke (Part 1)

The Oneness: We are all One

Prision Planet: Endgame

Tool: VicariousThe PotAEnema

Symphony of Science: The Poetry of Reality - The Unbroken Thread


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Saturday, May 7th 2011

2:26 PM

When we are streaming Music-

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Below are some useful links regarding Music Therapy from different sources. As we find new information we will share it throughout. Music is another way to be able to express the creative being and with research involved we wanted to share the positive benefits of using such a technique consciously.

We believe in the healing benefits of music and what the technique has to offer. Music can be expressed in so many different ways, when we are streaming music at The Seek Radio we play many different artists from many different genres; if we like it we share it not limited to any specific label.

To us music is another art form to share in experience. As individual as music is to the person who created it, it has the capability to unify us on a universal level towards more understanding of self and one another.

Jay & Toni


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Thursday, May 5th 2011

10:09 AM

Show Archive - Clips from some of our live broadcast.

We will link to clips from our live broadcast on this post; if it is the entire show we will make that clear.



Music by Scars on Broadway/Song(Universe) Mixed with YouTube Video - Original video is found on our website.


Words by David Icke/Music by Daft Punk/Video by The Seek Radio


Music by Dead Prez/Song (Propaganda)/Art by Dees Illustration /Video by The Seek Radio


Words by David Icke/Music by Liquid Mind - Song (Awakening)/Video made by The Seek Radio


Song Lies/Artist Serj Tankian/Video made by The Seek Radio

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Friday, April 29th 2011

6:17 AM

Update One

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This week at The Seek Radio we streamed two movies titled; The Obama Deception and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.  During our broadcast we also played a mixture of music that included some of the following artists; System of a down, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, TV on the Radio, Mushroomhead and Scars on Broadway along with many other music artists that we will mention throughout future post.

When we are live we like to keep the content moving, constantly changing and giving listeners ways to find out information that is not being given to them through “main stream media”. With our music, information, updates and news we share our message is always - Awaken.

Keep in mind if you just tune in for a minute you may experience questions if you just leave right away; All of the videos we show are filled with information to where it’s necessary to see the whole video to understand the message or have the capability of asking questions if there were any in regaurds. If that’s the case know that we will be adding links to this blog to the content we play during our broadcast also. To view the type of videos you may see while visiting our broadcast you can check out our YouTube channel.

This week so far we have had over 100 listeners tune in while we were live, Thanks!

Links to view the two movies we shared this week on The Seek Radio:

The Obama Deception

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Other videos we shared this week include:

First Contact - 2009

Carl Sagan – ‘A Glorious Dawn’ featuring Steven Hawking (Symphony of Science)

New World Order Artwork and Satire (art by deesillustration)

(hed) pe "Children"

(* links to original source of where we retrieved any of the videos we share are listed under each video individually)


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Tuesday, April 26th 2011

4:34 PM

About Us


Hello and Welcome. Our names are Jay & Toni and we will be using this blog to share news and updates about our Radio. When we go "Live" we play a variety of music, awakening information and videos that are content related to our message. Learn more about our broadcast on our Listening Page

Please check out our main site @ theseekradio.com; any other sites or pages that we create will be listed in the links bar under Seek 2 Awaken and our social networing sites are listed under Networking Sites (we use these sites to update when we are live with direct links to our radio.)

The links that we display in our Links bar to outside sources are verified and used by us on a daily basis to find alternative inforamtion that isn't being given to us directly by the main stream. Any story that we post will be sourced back to where we originally found the articles,videos or whatever type of information it shall be. You can view the alternative news stories we post daily at our blogger site here: theseekradio.blogspot.com

Our goal is to help provide information and insight to help our world heal.

Thanks for stopping by

-The Seek



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